Where to Find the Best Tompkins County, NY News


Located in the heart of the beautiful Finger Lakes region of New York lies Tompkins County, a vibrant community with an excellent quality of life and a broad range of amenities and professional opportunities. When in town, and not just if you are a resident, but as a student or a visitor as well, it’s imperative to stay up to speed with local news and events. The area with the best sources for news on Tompkins County as a whole.

  1. Tompkins Weekly – Your local source

Receive the latest health and wellness updates in your inbox! Tompkins Weekly was founded as a community paper and continues to feature local government news, but also has articles on neighbors who do great things for our community, arts and culture, environment, economy, etc. Based on the pulse of their communities, reporters for https://www.tompkinsweekly.com/ often write reoccurring feature articles.

  1. Cornell Chronicle.

Tompkins County, home to Cornell University, is associated with the resources and research strength of this Ivy League Institution. About the Cornell Chronicle, The Cornell Chronicle is a daily news source produced by the Public Affairs Office for the Cornell community and friends of the university. In addition to being critical for information sharing on Cornell, this source shows off how the university has spillover effects on residents more broadly.

  1. The Ithaca Voice

The Ithaca Voice – This watchdog news portal is on call for breaking stories, investigative journalism, and the latest developments in Tompkins County. The site carries a mix of local news, along with editorials and coverage of events that are of interest to residents. Now known to many for its timely, headline-hugging coverage of local issues, the Ithaca Voice has won a loyal following by reliably getting readers more of what they want: news that keeps them in the know about the goings on around town.

  1. Local Government Websites

For course announcements, public meetings, and links to government services, check out the websites of each mayor in Tompkins County. Most towns and cities keep a webpage to peruse information on meetings of the city council, as well as the availability of public services, community programs, and more. These websites keep you clued in concerning local policy and news first-hand.

  1. Sharing on social media or in community forums

In Tompkins County, news is disseminated and discussed not only through traditional news sources but also through social media platforms and community forums. Community groups are groups that residents create on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to share information, ask questions, and debate local matters. Community Boards: These boards provide a little more interactive way to stay in tune with what is going on in real-time in the community.

Why Stay Informed?

Local news in Tompkins County is not just about keeping up with what is going on in the community but being an active participant. This is a great source of information on everything from upcoming local events to how you can help advocate for important issues in the community, to just getting a better grasp on some of the other ways that touch or have driven through your neighborhood working; Again, while it may seem interesting to hear about, they say “knowledge is power”, and so it is!

Being informed helps us to build a healthy and vibrant community where ideas are exchanged, issues are laid out on the open table, and local initiatives are pushed out. With so many available paths to learn about all that is happening in Tompkins County, we know you enjoy keeping your finger on the pulse!

If you are interested in beginning to explore local news and events, go to tompkinsweekly.com. Tutsplus.com is a great place to start. Through their dedication to community journalism and extensive reporting, Tompkins Weekly continues to provide the bedrock of local news for the residents of Tompkins County, keeping its constituency well-informed and united.

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