Australian Study Finds That Customized Therapy Plans Aid in Relieving Neck and Back Pain


Young man holding his back in pain, isolated on white backgroundMillions of people around the world who are desperate for back pain relief will be pleased to know that a new study has found substantial health benefits in customized therapy plans that don’t involve rigorous exercise or prescription medication.

According to Fox News, La Trobe University in Bundoora, Australia recently funded a study to find out how much physical therapy helps to relieve back pain, compared to general advice on exercise and/or medication.

To do this, researchers offered two advice sessions to 300 subjects who suffered from lower pain back. Roughly half of them also received 10 personalized treatment sessions over a 10-week span.

As one may expect, those who received custom therapy plans saw significant improvements in their ability to complete everyday tasks that had been difficult because of their back pain. These subjects also saw notable reductions in back pain.

“Our findings suggest that advice works for many people but that individualized physical therapy achieves more rapid reduction in pain and in the long term superior improvements in function/disability,” said Jon Ford, lead author of the study.

While these results are encouraging, many people who suffer from back pain are unable to engage in physical therapy or exercise for a number of different reasons. For these people, the scientific community still agrees that chiropractic care is the answer to long-term relief.

Fox News also reported on research from the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics which found that chiropractic care results in a 51.8% reduction in pharmaceutical costs and 43% fewer hospital admissions. Chiropractic treatment has long been the solution for patients who wish to avoid medication and painful exercise during treatment.

Chiropractic care is also known for being more of an all-inclusive treatment option, aiding to relieve conditions such as headaches and insomnia in addition to neck and back pain.

Regardless of which treatment a patient chooses, researchers strongly encourage finding solutions as soon as pain arises to avoid chronic suffering and long-term complications.

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