Doctors Suggest Increase in Elderly STD Cases May Be Related To Fifty Shades Of Grey


elderly-coupleAt least one doctor fears the famous book series Fifty Shades of Grey may be contributing to a significant rise in STDs among elderly couples. “Dr Charlotte Jones said the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy has led to older couples being more adventurous in bed and could explain a rise in sexually transmitted infections among the over-50s,” The Daily Mail reports. Some are even calling the phenomena “The Fifty Shades Of Grey Effect.”

“Doctors have observed rising cases of syphilis and gonorrhea along with the more common infections like chlamydia and thrush,” The International Business Times explains. “According to figures from the Public Health England, there were 1,281 new cases of STIs among people aged 65 and up.” Although teens and other young people are most commonly associated with taking sexual risks, doctors say that seniors who may be entering into new relationships have been similarly careless. Healthcare professionals link elderly couples’ exploits back to the books, owing to the blatant themes of bondage and sado-masochism. People all over the world have read the best-selling series, and Universal Pictures and Focus Features will debut the first movie adaptation on Valentine’s Day 2015.

Doctors warn people of all ages to take necessary precautions, especially when engaging in new sexual relationships.


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