Drunk Man Causes Bus Ruckus in Hong Kong


guy_rides_bus_on_topWell, you can tack on an additional passenger to the 751,000,000 bus trips taken every year. An inebriated American tourist caused a ruckus this week, according to EJInsight.com, when he climbed aboard a double-decker bus in Hong Kong. Well, not aboard, but atop. The passengers inside the Route 90B bus began hearing some weird sounds over their heads, and when they notified the bus driver, he dismissed their worries and kept on driving.

Once the bus arrived at the next stop, the driver stepped out to find a man sitting on top of the bus, drunk and windswept. The 50-year-old had been atop the bus for approximately 600 meters before they got him down, and he claimed that he didn’t remember how he got on the bus in the first place. Sources say he must have used the support beams to shimmy up the windshield and climb aboard — bizarre, considering the bus driver didn’t see him do it. Another method sources posited was that he jumped down onto the bus from a footbridge.

After taking him to a local hospital for a check-in, police ended up releasing the man. He easily could have been thrown off the bus as it rounded a corner or the when the driver hit the brakes. If he’d made an inquiry at his local charter bus service, maybe he could have gone for a private ride that didn’t endanger the lives of everyone on board. Either way, those kinds of parkour skills are impressive for a drunk man.

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