Finding Rover App Helps Puppies Reunite With Their People Parents


For many dog owners, their pets are like their children. And when a dog runs away, it can feel like losing a member of the family.

In order to find a lost pet, owners will do just about anything, from posting flyers around town and online to offering generous rewards for their recovery. But luckily, technology has now made it easier for families to find their furry best friends.

With a new app called Finding Rover, finding a lost pup is potentially only a search away. The app utilizes facial recognition technology that scans a photo of your dog into its system.

“The public can use it to register their dog, and if the dog ever runs away, they can post that their dog has been lost,” said Daniel DeSousa of San Diego Country Animal Services.

If an owner reports that their dog is lost, the app can then check a database of thousands of added images in order to find the missing dog.

“It looks at eight different points on the dog’s face. If the dog comes into us, we take the same kind of photograph and if that dog has been reported as lost, it makes that connection,” said DeSousa.

The app will also send alerts to individuals on your neighborhood should your dog run away.

While the app is certainly a great tool, dog owners should take extra precautions to ensure that their dogs are safe, and consult with your local veterinary practice for advice.

And for those who spot a Fido that is not their own, the app works in reverse, allowing you to snap a picture of the pup.

In San Diego, the app has already helped several families find their missing dogs.

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