This Miracle Baby Beat the ‘Dark Side’ To Go Viral in Star Wars Photo Shoot


Mom and son having fun by the lakeAmber Bartlett and her newborn son Ezra have gone viral thanks to one cool aunt’s adorable, Star Wars-themed photo shoot. The 32-year-old mom from Redlands, CA, survived ovarian cancer at age 23, but doctors told her she would never be able to have more children. She decided not to undergo a hysterectomy, but was then diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.

But on August 31, Bartlett finally gave birth to her third child, a healthy seven-pound, four-ounce baby boy she named Ezra after a character on the “Star Wars Rebels” TV series. Her sister Trisha McCoy, a Southern California photographer, helped celebrate the arrival of little Ezra with the photo shoot, which features the tiny babe swaddled in a Jedi robe and posing with a variety of Star Wars toys, teddy bears, and tiny light sabers.

“[It’s] her miracle baby,” McCoy told the Today Show. “I’m so glad she decided to go through with the pregnancy because she gave us this little Jedi guy that we love so much.”

The cool aunt’s photo shoot went viral after she wrote a blog post about the family’s saga, titled, “A Long, Long Time Ago, My Sister Was Told She Couldn’t Have Any More Children.”

“We call him our little Jedi because he was able to beat the dark side,” Bartlett said. “He was strong and was able to overcome all the battles that were thrown at him.”

Many pediatric experts recommend that new parents buy at least seven onesies, two hats, five pairs of socks, four pajamas, and countless diapers for newborn infants, but there are no official pediatric recommendations on the proper amount of Star Wars merchandise to buy for a newborn, yet. Even so, Star Wars mania has officially reached its peak this December, with Star Wars-themed everything filling stores the world over.

And according to Social Security Administration data, Bartlett isn’t the only mom swept up in Star Wars mania. Since the film franchise debuted in 1977, parents have taken names from the franchise for thousands of babies: Luke, Leia, Hans, Anakin, and now, baby Ezra.

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