Nigeria abductions: 6 reasons why the world should demand action


Go to China, if you wish to acquire education, these words of Prophet Muhammad clearly speaks the grave importance of education. One year ago, Boko Haram the leader of violent group of Nigeria released a video stating that he would abduct girls and sell them in the name of Islam.

He said that the reason of abducting school girls was the retaliation attempt.  He further said that Nigerian security forces made a big mistake by terrorizing the children and wives of our group members.

Here are six reasons why the world should demand action:

1.       Terrorism isn’t isolated:

Think for a while, if, 279 girls had been abducted in the United States what would have been the outcome? Certain there would have been mass outrage and sheer protest across the country.  Terrorist is not linked to certain territories.  The outgoing president of TransAfrica Forum Nicole Lee said that “we need to make sure that our government would help them and we must take the ownership”.

Apart from this, national security analyst Peter Bergen said that “this group is known as Nigerian Taliban and it is planning to impose Taliban-style rule on the country”. Besides, United States is closely watching the scenario and has already warned Americans not to travel to Nigeria.

2.       The inhumane treatment of children concerns us all:

The terrorists abducted the girls in the middle of night. Though, they had exchange of fire with the security guards yet they managed to take away hundreds of girls. Human Rights Watch said in its report that in the last 2 months 25 girls and women have been abducted and the situation is really alarming.

3.       The parents’ hands are tied:

Ask the parents whose children have been abducted.  Most of the parents say that “we are paying the price of sending our daughters to schools”.  Besides, a senior correspondent of a private news channel said that “family members of the missing girls neither sleep nor eat, they are in absolute depression”.


4.       What happens in Nigeria has deeper repercussions:

It is said that the militants groups operating in Nigeria have connections with different militant organizations of the Middle East. However, the future of Nigeria is very bleak.

5.       The Nigerian response has been feeble:

After the abduction, Nigerian Army said that it had freed 8 girls from the militant’s captivity. But this announcement happened to be untrue. A father told to media reporters that Nigerian government is doing nothing except escalating propaganda.

6.       This can’t be business as usual:

The human rights organizations are mounting pressure over the Nigerian government to find the girls. It is said that United States has already offered help to Nigerian government.  Officials of Obama administration said to a news agency that “we are sharing information with Nigerian government and there are no plans to send troops”.

Last but the least, there is nationwide protest across the Nigeria. People from different countries are forcing Nigerian authorities through social media to do something with regard to returning the girls to their homes.






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