How People Are Taking the Old Mentos and Soda Trick to a Whole New Level


coke-mentosEveryone knows what happens when you pour Mentos into a two-liter bottle of Coke — yet a growing number of people just aren’t satisfied with watching soda foam erupt from the opening of the bottle like a volcano.

According to a recent Tech Times article, Japanese YouTube star (yes, we have YouTube celebrities now) Hajime uploaded a video to his channel in which he strips down to his underwear, tapes Mentos all over his body — then proceeds to jump into a bathtub filled with 50 gallons of Coke Zero. Some of the bottles were even left in the tub, for added effect.

As soon as Hajime jumps in the tub, the Coke Zero immediately starts to change from licorice-colored liquid to an explosion of tan foam that quickly overflowed out of the tub.

“The acidic properties of soda can certainly do damage to a tub that already has corrosion issues and no longer has a protective coating,” said Branham Jarrell, owner of Georgia Tub & Tile. “The soda can cause staining that no cleaning product would be able to get out. Putting anything other than water in a bathtub is going to potentially wear down the tub’s enamel.”

As with most videos that achieve viral status, Hajime’s actions are already being mirrored by people around the world hoping to achieve YouTube fame or notoriety for themselves.

In fact, YouTuber Aimee Davison recently tried the same thing, jumping in a Coke-filled bathtub while wearing a bikini covered in Mentos.

The one problem? Davison only poured $40 worth of soda into her tub, the Inquisitr reports — hardly the amount needed to set off a fizz explosion on par with Hajime’s. In fact, the soda hardly shows any reaction at all.

She shouldn’t be too upset that her experiment failed, however — since uploading her bikini-fied version of the Mentos and Coke experiment on March 7, the video has earned more than 5 million views. Hajime’s video, which was uploaded last July, garnered a mere 75,000 views.

Just remember, it’s probably not the safest thing to try this at home. Leave it up to the professionals — or at least the professional YouTubers.

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