Restaurants Closed With Pest Infestations

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UPDATED 9/10/20

Five restaurants in San Gabriel Valley and four restaurants in San Fernando Valley were closed in recent weeks thanks to major health concerns and hazards. All of the restaurants were closed between September 28 and October 4. In each case, the restaurants had their health permit suspended until the issue was fixed.

The report from the Los Angeles County Public Health Department states that each location must close their doors until they fix the issue and are inspected again to ensure integrity. These closures can occur during anything from an owner-initiated inspection to an investigation of complaints, to reinspections.

Ant infestation controlThe department’s report doesn’t provide many details concerning infestations, such as how many cockroaches are found in the facility. The concerning thing is, a major health infraction only costs a restaurant four points off an inspection, so they can still receive an A even when they’re shut down.

The facilities closed due to pest control issues in San Gabriel Valley included Coffee Break, Tasty Garden, Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple, Starbucks, and Wok Express. All were closed due to cockroach infestations. Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple was also cited for a rodent infestation, which is given when there are more than 20 rodent droppings on a kitchen floor.

In San Fernando Valley, Los Cabos Restaurant was closed because they had no water, Olivia Trattoria had a rodent infestation, and Kebab House and Magic Restaurant had cockroach infestations.

Cockroaches alone can spread about 33 different types of bacteria, which is extremely concerning, given that some restaurants may still get an A on inspection despite an infestation. Many in the area are fighting to change this ruling, hoping that inspectors will dock more points or have another way to warn consumers about a health hazard.

Home bug exterminationOf course, pests don’t just invade bars and restaurants, they can take over a home as well. Ant infestation control is needed by many homeowners, especially during the late spring and summer. Bug control for house is a growth industry as people genuinely do not want any kind of insect or rodent to be inside their home at all. House insect control can be taken care of in steps. First determine why the pest or ant infestation has occurred in the first place. Oftentimes if food has been left out, or if there is a loose seal on food, that can cause an infestation. Remember, the pest come into the home to look for food and shelter. If you can remove the enticements by securing food and making sure there is no comfortable place to hide, the pests will not come back into your home.

Pest control near home may be required in more rural areas. Nests of field mice, for example, may need to be removed if the rodents repeatedly enter the home. And home bug extermination is required in any situation where ants or other insects become a nuisance. Search online or ask for recommendations to learn who does pest control and get a head start on that home bug extermination.

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