Styx and Foreigner Tour Catches Fire, Literally


fireStyx and Foreigner might not be as popular as they once were in their heyday, but they’re still literally two of the hottest acts around. On June 3, two tour buses belonging to the two bands’ tour were engulfed in flames.

“Everyone’s OK,” said Styx’s publicist. “No one was hurt and there’s no cause determined yet. It’s a Styx crew bus that caught on fire. All the buses for the Soundtrack of Summer tour are parked in a secure parking lot in downtown Philadelphia.”

The blaze began on of Styx’s crew buses at around 12:20 p.m. and then spread to a Foreigner bus that was parked beside it. No equipment or personal belongings were lost in the fire, as everyone had taken most of their things off the buses before the fire as they’re on a three day break.

The cause of the fire is yet to be determined.

The Soundtrack of Summer Tour will continue on until July 27. Joining the two, classic bands is Don Feldr, a guitarist and songwriter formerly with The Eagles.

“We’re thankful everyone’s OK,” said Phil Carson, Foreigner’s manager. “And can now officially say the Soundtrack of Summer Tour is on fire.”

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