Urgent Care Center in North Carolina Hopes Informative Rap Video will Go Viral


urgentcarerapUrgent care centers are becoming an increasingly popular option for people who need medical treatment quickly but don’t want to foot the bill for an emergency room. Now that cold and flu season is here, an urgent care center in North Carolina is looking to spread awareness for their services through an unconventional advertising medium: rap.

“We’re not an E.R. Let’s make that clear. But we got a lotta cool gear up in here,” raps Dr. DeLora Cumming in Rex Express Care’s new rap music video, which they’re hoping will go viral.

The comedic and cheeky video that follows actual Rex Express urgent care workers around their facilities is gaining some traction on the internet, and has already earned over 16,000 views since it was posted to Youtube on Nov. 13.

“Oh Rex Express, not as much stress,” the doctors sing in the chorus, “We get you in and out and we charge you less. We’re not too far so when you get in your car, you sometimes should use us instead of E.R.”

The rap lyrics include plenty of tips for patients deciding between an urgent care center and an emergency room, and spread general awareness about the benefits of urgent care.

“We decided to craft that message into something clever and hopefully memorable to put out to the public to know about the void that we fill,” Dr. Linwood Watson, featured in the video, told a local ABC affiliate, “because we can be faster than primary care and cheaper than an emergency room.”

But the video still isn’t above playful humor, including puns. “Bad allergies, does it hurt when you pee? We’ve got a physician who is on duty,” raps Kimberly Caulway, a doctor at the Wakefield location.

The national average cost for an ER visit is over $2,100, compared to $155 at an urgent care center. Urgent care centers are often open during a wider range of hours than primary care physicians’ offices.

“Not only are urgent cares more cost effective than the emergency room, but they are also a lot less stressful,” says Terri Porter, Clinic Administrator, Doctors Express Phoenix. “Waiting for hours to be seen can be very stressful. At the urgent care facilities, wait times are generally much quicker. Concerned parents with sick children especially appreciate the shorter wait times.”

A serious note near the end of the video reminds viewers that chest pain, shortness of breath and slurred speech should prompt a call to 9-1-1.

“No one wants to appear stupid, but at the same time, if you can’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?” Dr. Watson told ABC. “And if it’s for a good cause, what the heck?”


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