2015 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Sedan Released by Honda


hondaIf you’ve been intrigued by the latest developments of Toyota and Hyundai in their endeavors to make cars more eco-friendly without sacrificing a reasonable price tag, you may be interested in what Honda has is store. It’s reported that Honda’s newest project, a revolutionary hydrogen fuel cell, will be released sometime next year. Critics of the hydrogen fuel cells made by Hyundai and Toyota seem to be skeptical that Honda’s new car will be much different, but if the prototype is any indication, this car could change the way that the automotive industry sees hydrogen fuel cells.

A concept car which was created at last year’s Los Angeles Auto Show seems more futuristic than the actual car will turn out, but it’s an indication that Honda doesn’t intend to keep their latest research project on the conservative side of the industry. Not only is the sedan aesthetically modern, but as an energy-efficient vehicle, it is already being praised by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Currently, hydrogen fuel cell cars are extremely limited by a lack of fueling stations around the country, and many people are also noting that carbon emissions from hydrogen cells are likely to be greater than those from electric cars — at least, until researchers develop better ways of transporting the compressed hydrogen used in the cars. Nevertheless, like electric and hybrid cars, Honda’s newest prototype holds a great deal of potential and has effectively caused many industry experts to reassess the prevalence of energy-efficient vehicles. As consumer demand rises — and it has risen exponentially in the past few years, since electric and hybrid cars have become more affordable — the auto industry is likely to respond to that demand and create a great variety of eco-friendly cars, affordable for and available to the general public.

Although it remains to be seen whether Honda will rise to the challenge and be able to develop a vehicle similar to the prototype, it is evident that this company only intends to move forward and keep developing models which fit the needs of consumers, as well as the demands of energy-conscious organizations.

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