sustainablelandscapeThough a lush green lawn may be the dream of many homeowners, and one that will sustain the value of their home, it’s becoming more and more common to replace that lush greenery with a more arid, sustainable landscape.

The trend has been catching on, particularly in drought-prone areas like California, but it’s slowly making its way across the country. It calls for a bit of a cultural shift in perspective, as people love grass, and see green as a good thing, a symbol of fertility and well-being.

But landscapers report pulling up lawns almost weekly, particularly in drought-prone areas. Homeowners are discovering that there is a world of options out there, other than grass, for a variety of interest.

Some of the more popular plants for a sustainable landscape are phorium, salvias, purple needle grass, California sage scrub, and deer weed. There are also various options for ground cover, like bark, mulch, or rocks.

With a little imagination, you can convert a flat plane of green grass to landscape that offers a variety of interest. There are fruit trees, different shrubs, and ground covers. You can even create a habitat for butterflies, bees, and birds. A sustainable landscape offers more options, in a way, than a traditional grassy one.

Some homeowners are hesitant to get rid of their grass entirely, choosing to keep some grassy areas on their lawn to aesthetically show off the house, but making other areas more sustainable.

While a standard green, grassy lawn may be the traditional option, it is very high-maintenance, and can be difficult to sustain over time. Choosing a different landscape with a different kind of ground cover, can free up a lot of time and effort, and help keep your lawn looking beautiful, no matter the season.

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