American Eagle Announces Spring Line of New, Trendy Dogwear

american beagle outfitters

american beagle outfittersAmerican Eagle is rolling out a new line of clothes specifically tailored to fit your pup. The fun doesn’t stop there. The retailer will also release considerably larger clothes styled in the same exact way — so you and your dog can match. “The canine collection features must-haves such as slimming doggy jeggings, fur-friendly bikinis, and statement accessories, creating head-to-tail looks that complement the unique style and personality of every pooch, big or small,” AE writes in an official statement. The best news? The new line is aptly named — AmericanBeagle Outfitters.

The dog-friendly clothes will make an appearance in Spring 2014, the official news release continues. In the meantime, enthusiastic dog owners can preview clothing options on The website features pictures of primped up pooches and decked out dogs — wearing sunglasses, beanies, and even beach-ready shorts! — along with the clever taglines, “How Fetching,” “That’s Ruff,” and “Hot Dog!” American Eagle customers can also watch a promotional dogumentary, capturing “the inspiring journey of the doggy-human clothing line from ideation to creation,” according to company officials. A woman who describes her dog as her best friend kicks off the dogumentary, “Imagine a world where you walk into the mall, and there’s one store — and all they have for you are Halloween costumes. That’s what she’s dealing with.”

Naysayers are noting the launch’s proximity to April Fool’s Day. “Sure, we have a feeling the launch of this campaign might coincide with April Fools’ Day, but even if that’s the case, the whole thing is pretty doggone hilarious,” Elle magazine says. American Eagle is also promising to donate $1 of all orders to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) — with an aim to donate up to $100,000 in total. Consumers can sign up for a online waitlist to earn 20% off AE purchases. American Eagle is inviting consumers to take part on Twitter. “Customers can show off their dogs’ personal style by sharing fashionable photos of them in the spring line tied to #AEOStyle for a chance to be featured on the site,” according to the official press release.

Still, not all experts are sure that dog clothing is such a good idea.

“Based on the dog’s behaviors, it’s a matter of how much pressure you have to put on the dog to keep them in the clothes. If your dog is nippy and aggressive and is trying to bite you, it’s not going to be a fun experience for you or the dog,” explains Vince Reina, CEO and Owner of Southland Dog Training. “Our society has become a codependent society. It’s not about them as much as it’s about us. You want or need to express a certain emotion. Buying clothes for your dog is a way to get your own gratification. The dog is just sitting there and looking at you going “excuse me?” There are some dogs where their owner’s attitude is only a small portion of what’s going on overall. Those are the spoiled owners who can’t say no to anything.”

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