Anti-Aging Dentistry: The Latest Technique to Set Back the Clock on Your Skin


dentIf you’d like your skin to appear more youthful, you no longer have to turn to cosmetic surgery or Botox.

According to, dentists in New York City and Los Angeles are developing the field of anti-aging dentistry, which includes procedures that can dramatically reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles, lift sagging skin and improve the face’s overall appearance.

“Most people don’t realize that typical signs of aging, like hollowed cheeks and wrinkles around the mouth, are actually caused by correctable structural abnormalities in the mouth,” says Dr. Kourosh Maddahi, author of “Anti-Aging Dentistry: Restoring Youth One Smile at a Time.”

Maddahi, a celebrity dentist, said he believes cosmetic dental work is safer, longer-lasting and less invasive than getting a facelift or Botox injections, according to

Altering the size, shape and angle of misaligned teeth with crowns, veneers and dental implants is able to take years off one’s appearance by altering the contours and shape of the lower face.

In addition to helping one’s skin and face appear more youthful, cosmetic and anti-aging dental procedures can dramatically improve a patient’s smile. With white, straight teeth, patients will have improved confidence, which will also benefit their appearance.

“This is the first option that offers not only the health benefits of correcting aging effects by providing support that had been lacking in the teeth and mouth, but also the aesthetic benefits of a vibrantly transformed smile,” Dr. Maddahi says, according to the Rakyat Post. “Readers will discover that before they get a ‘face lift’, they might consider a ‘smile lift.’”

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