BraceMobile to Give Families Convenient Access to Orthodontic Treatment


When you are interested in getting your teeth straightened, you need to get an orthodontic treatment such as braces or clear aligner trays in order to do it. If you want to define orthodontist, it’s simple. To define orthodontist, this is a dentist that has had the training needed to treat and prevent problems with the jaw and teeth. They have ways of moving the teeth and the jaw so that your bite is better. This orthodontist definition is important to know before you consult with one about their services. This orthodontist’s meaning should be understood so that you know what to expect from this professional. Many people who go to an orthodontist will get braces. These are traditional ways to straighten the teeth and move the jaw. Today, however, there are many alternatives to getting braces. For some, it is possible for them to move their teeth with the use of clear aligner trays. These work similarly to braces, putting steady pressure on the teeth so that they slowly move to better positions. This can take months, or years, to complete. When you visit an orthodontist, some methods used are for preventing problems rather than for treating them.

UPDATED 11/24/2020

Are dentists and orthodontists the same thing? Both are dentists but there’s a big difference in their training and practices. Dentists deal with broad oral health issues such as gum disease, cavities, missing, and broken teeth. On the other hand, orthodontists are dentists who undertake an additional three years of training in a recognized university to major in jaw and tooth alignment.

What does orthodontic care entail?

are braces orthodontics

Have you ever heard of orthodontic care? If not, here is a clear definition of what orthodontic care entails. In the case of crooked teeth, you need to visit an orthodontist. Other additional issues patients enjoy from this care are overbites and underbites, spaces between teeth, overcrowding teeth, crossbites, problems with the jaw, and the treatment of temporomandibular disorders.

Wondering how to find an orthodontist near you?

Online research is the quickest way to get an orthodontist in your area. Recommendations from other specialists may also assist you in finding an orthodontist. Dentists especially have the knowledge to refer you to a professional.

Dental appliance definition

General orthodontics treatment that helps to replace and repair damaged teeth and straighten crooked teeth involves the use of different devices known as dental appliances. The devices assist the dentists in your treatment and may be removable or permanent.

Next month, a South Carolina orthodontist will introduce the state’s very first mobile orthodontic clinic.

According to an August 2 Greenville Online article, Dr. Tom Atkinson decided to launch BraceMobile to help bring orthodontic treatment directly to patients, cutting down on the amount of time missed from work at school.

“Braces have come a long way, but what hasn’t changed is the inconvenience of the going to the office and waiting for the work to be done and the interruptions to the daily lives,” Dr. Atkinson told Greenville Online. “Our plan is to change all that.”

Undergoing orthodontic treatment typically requires frequent check-ups with an orthodontist throughout the one-and-a-half to two years the treatment takes — and Dr. Atkinson has seen the amount of time and effort this takes for patients and their families during his 25 years as an orthodontist,andnbsp;Greenville Onlineandnbsp;reports.

are braces orthodontics

When the BraceMobile, which is both licensed and DHEC-approved, launces in mid-September, it will be a way for families to receive orthodontic treatment without having to compromise their professional or educational lives.

“Parents have to leave work, go get the child, bring the child to the orthodontic clinic, have the work done, take the child back to school and then go back to work,” Atkinson said. “Basically, what I call yesterday’s model for getting braces is hugely inconvenient for families.”

According toandnbsp;Greenville Online, the BraceMobile will travel to patients throughout the Upstate area when it launches — and the service will carry no additional cost to the patients’ treatments.

are braces orthodontics

Orthodontistry is a specialized field that is dedicated to dealing with teeth and jaws that are not properly positioned or aligned. These malocclusions affect nearly half of all Americans, who have teeth that are either or both crooked and improperly spaced. The question may arise: Are orthodontists dentists? An orthodontist is the graduate of an accredited school who is either a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) or a Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD). The field itself dates back to the 19th century, but it has seen many advances in the past 50 years. This is another question asked by many: Are braces orthodontics? Braces are in fact the principal tool used by the orthodontist. In the past, braces would usually be placed around each tooth that required straightening. 

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However, modern braces are far more versatile. Speed braces employ a small clip that reduces the accumulation of food particles and makes cleaning of the teeth easier. Invisalign devices consist of clear aligners that are almost invisible from the outside. Hidden braces fit inside the teeth and are invisible to others. Those seeking orthodontic services should turn to Dr. Tom Atkinson, the best doctor for braces.       

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