costco-logoA six-year-old kid who was harmed in the wake of being hit by a car that smashed through the front entryways of a London, Ontario Costco has officially been pronounced dead.

On Friday, the crash harmed six individuals and brought about frenzy among those shopping in the occupied store (on Wellington Road South).

Police have recognized and identified the six-year-old kid as Addison Hall.

They say the other three individuals remain in hospitalization and healing centers, including a lady in reasonable condition and two kids who are in critical condition.

Police are continuing their investigation. They are asking any witnesses to approach with any details or information on this incident.

It has been rumored that this crash was caused by a inept and negligent driver. Outsiders believe that a woman, roughly in her 60’s, reversed from a parking spot, stomped on the gas thinking it was the brake, was unable to stop, and apparently lost control of the vehicle. Citizens claim that she should have her license permanently revoked and be charged with manslaughter.

There is no good explanation for this.

“This is definitely an incident where the victims will easily be able to get the restitution they deserve,” says Aaron Waxman of Aaron Waxman and Associates. “There is no question that the people involved have suffered due to the negligence of someone who should not be driving.”

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