Custom Home Builders are Implementing Energy Efficient Upgrade Packages to Save the Environment From the Internet


Digitally generated server room with towersThe older generation may look at all the devices that fill the lives of their younger counterparts and assume they’re spoiled and lazy. What some of them don’t realize is how impossible it is to function in the modern world without multiple connections to the web. However, according to Forbes magazine, of the computers in use, over 1 billion people use their PCs mainly for gaming, making it one of the most prevalent uses for systems.

While 1 billion people only accounts for about 2.5% of all users, the energy consumed by these practices is responsible for around 20% of all expenditure, adding up to about $10 billion dollars a year.

Younger buyers will likely end up consuming more energy than the average house has in the past. Considering this tech-savvy generation is becoming the new wave of homeowners, the average energy costs may drastically increase in the coming years.

Luckily, programs are being implemented which aim to improve the energy efficiency of new and existing homes.

Business Wire reports that the Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PGandE) is responsible for 10,000 consumers having participated in the Energy Upgrade California Home Upgrade Program — with the purpose of offering incentives for energy efficient improvements. Rather than making small home improvements one at a time, the project gives two options for a package of energy efficient upgrades including anything from duct sealing, added insulation, and low-e appliances all at once.

To add extra incentive above saving on utilities, the program offers rebates of $3,000 to $6,500 depending on the package.

The use of technology and personal devices will only continue to increase, making energy efficient homes a key factor in reducing utilities as well as environmental conservation. Custom home builders can now put a focus on offering these power saving upgrades to new and existing homeowners.

Heavy gamers get enough flack as it is without being blamed for harming the environment while sitting in their basement.

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