Landmark Flintstone House Back On The Market


real estate agent handing over keys to homeIf you’re looking for real estate for sale, and you’ve got $4.2 million to blow, hold on to your seats. According to a recent story from NY Daily News, an iconic California landmark, the “Flintstone house” is officially for sale, creating the ultimate collector’s token for the ultimate Flintstones fan. But again, you’ll have to have $4.2 million to get your hands on it. (Better start pedaling, Fred!)

The house, which overlooks Interstate 280, is nestled in a hillside outside San Francisco. It is currently listed by Alain Pinel Realtors, and listing agent Judy Meuschke claims people are often unprepared for what they find inside.

“Everyone knows the building driving on 280, but when they come inside, they’re in awe,” said Meuschke.

The house is decorated on the inside with the art and belongings of the previous owner, who lived in the home for 19 years before deciding she needed a change. “You can see by her artwork and her furnishings and the things she collected that she loved this place,” Meuschke said.

The home, designed by William Nicholson in 1976, has three bedrooms and two baths. From a bird’s-eye view, the house appears in beautiful coral and orange, with many unique shapes and peaks in its roof.

With a total of 2,730 square feet, the last time the home sold was in September of 1996, but it was for $800,000. When asked about why the price had seen such a large inflation, Meuschke commented, “We felt that’s a pretty good price for a landmark.”

The architecture of the home was constructed using wire mesh frames and giant balloons. Nicholson wanted to experiment with alternate building techniques, so he spray-painted the material directly onto the balloons and frame. The result is the iconic bubble look that we see today.

If you yabba-dabba-don’t need such an elaborate statement for your home, don’t worry. There are other kinds of houses you can buy to meet your needs.

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