Demi Lovato Fan Wears Her Favorite Star’s Hair Extensions, Then Runs Into Her in Public


lovatoextensionsIt’s not every day that you run into your favorite star while wearing her brand of hair extensions — but that exact thing happened to Demi Lovato fan Denise Aguirre.

According to Twist Magazine, Denise was wearing the red extensions from Lovato’s Secret Color line of hair extensions at Disneyland when she recognized a familiar face — Lovato herself.

“I heard someone walk by and very quietly say… ‘Demi, I’m wearing your hair!'” Lovato wrote alongside a selfie of her and Aguirre that she uploaded to her Instagram. “I think that any other person on the planet would be totally freaked out but I got SO excited that I had to take a pic!!! You look gorgeous pretty girl and the red looks SO cute on you!!!”

It’s clear that both Lovato and her lucky fan were beyond excited to run into each other — three exclamation points’ worth of excitement, in fact!

This type of hair extension is more for someone that changes their hair frequently,” says Capri Bougere, Owner, Strictly Styles Salon. “Personally I wouldn’t wear this kind of extension because it isn’t attached to anything, and that means it’s very easy to fall off . But there are so many ways to wear and style hair extensions. I love hair extensions and will always be an advocate for them.”

Lovato, who is known for her chameleon-like habit of changing her hair colors, first introduced her line of Secret Color extensions last fall as a way to let people add a splash of bright color to their hairstyles without the commitment of dyeing. The extensions attach to your head like a headband and don’t require any clips or glue.

And at just 22, Lovato, a singer and former Disney Channel star, is already proving to be quite the emerging entrepreneur — she also has her own skincare line, Devonne by Demi, and recently expanded that brand to include candles as well, according to M Magazine.

So the next time you leave the house, just remember — you never really know who you’re going to run into. It just might be your favorite celebrity!

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