Email-Gate Update: Russian Hackers Targeted Hillary Clinton’s Computer 5 Times


Theft, id, cyber.When all else fails, blame Russia.

That seems to be the way domestic and international crises are handled these days, so it’s not really a surprise that the latest Hillary Clinton Email-Gate update centers around Russian hackers trying to access her personal messages.

According to a breaking news update from the BBC, Russian hackers sent “at least five emails” to Hillary Clinton’s private email account, all of which were “phishing” emails containing malware that was disguised as New York City traffic tickets.

Had Clinton opened the malware-infested messages, she would have unknowingly given the Russian hackers access to her computer. The Guardian reported that three different addresses overseas — including one in Russia — were connected to the emails. The hackers would have been able to control Clinton’s entire computer system and transmit data over to these three addresses.

The hackers do not appear to be connected to the Russian government. All five emails were sent in August 2011, and it appears that similar spam emails were sent out to many people in and around the New York City metro region.

Clinton’s office has stated that there are no indications of any security breaches — which is welcome news regardless of how serious the Clinton Email-Gate actually is, considering that cybersecurity breaches in federal government computer systems have increased by about 680% over the last six years.

Even if Clinton’s emails were not infiltrated by Russian hackers successfully, it has given her critics another reason to argue that she put the State Department at risk by using her own personal email address and server to discuss sensitive state issues.

Politico reported recently that the number of classified emails connected to Clinton’s personal email address is now well over 400.

Clinton campaign spokesman Nick Merrill stated Wednesday that the former Secretary of State has nothing to hide, and furthermore did not put the American public in danger by using her personal email.

“We have no evidence to suggest she replied to this email nor that she clicked on the attachment,” said Merrill. “As we have said before, there is no evidence that the system was ever breached. All these emails show is that, like millions of other Americans, she received spam.”


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