Email Marketing Remains a Key Online Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses


smallbizKeeping in touch with current customers and reaching out to new ones can be a challenge for small businesses that do not have the extensive resources of larger companies. Whereas word of mouth may not have the reach that small companies desire, online marketing strategies can make pick up the slack. This is especially true as the Internet becomes an increasingly popular place for consumers to search for products and services. One of the most important, and most effective, marketing strategies for a small business to adopt is email marketing.

Many small business owners may dismiss the idea of email marketing, thinking that their customers will automatically delete any emails that look even remotely like an advertisement. While many companies may send out emails that end up in consumers’ virtual trash bins, there are many techniques that can be used to ensure that your email marketing strategies are effective. How can you improve your company’s email marketing tactics?

  1. Focus on the Content – The content of your email can either draw a reader in or make them click the delete button. Email content should be short, sweet and to the point, to put it simply. Don’t dance around the topic or blather on about unrelated topics. Tell the reader what you want them to know and be done. This applies to the subject line, as well, which should be catchy and draw the reader in. Use action words, and don’t make them subjects too long. Your subject line needs to give the reader a reason to open your email, as this is half the battle.

  2. Give the Consumer Incentive – Incentives are a great way to improve your email marketing strategies. Not only do they give the consumer a desire to open your email, they also give the consumer a sample of the quality of your product or service. If the goal of your email is to get the consumer to sign up for a service your company offers, give them a free gift for doing so — for example, a free month’s trial of that service. Once you get the consumer using your product or service, you are more likely to retain them as a customer. The cost of providing consumers with incentives is well worth the return on investment.

  3. Make it Look Good – The visual aspect of your email should not be downplayed, because visual features can easily make or break your marketing efforts. If the content is hard to read because of an awkward font or a font that is too small, the reader will probably not bother to even look at the email. Dark, gloomy colors might also dissuade someone from reading further. Emails that are easy to read and contain welcoming colors and graphics, on the other hand, are more likely to attract a consumer’s attention and pique their interest.

If you’ve tried email marketing before with little success, you may be using outdated methods that no longer suffice in today’s fast-paced online market. Try applying these techniques to improve your online strategies and expand your customer base.

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