Florida Woman Isn’t Loving It, Vandalizes McDonalds


McDonaldEmployees of a Florida McDonalds uploaded surveillance footage of a topless woman going berserk in their workplace this past week. Naturally, the video, which was posted to LiveLeak, went viral, receiving over 570,000 views.

The woman wearing nothing but a thong slammed her head against the counters, tossed cash registers to the floor, and tipped over a massive refrigeration unit. After working up a sweat and an appetite, the woman put her head beneath the soft serve machine and poured ice cream straight into her mouth, which prompted one employee to comment during the video, “this woman is my new role model.”

According to police, Sandra Suarez, 41, decided to go on her rampage when an employee refused her sexual advances in the parking lot. It’s also been reported that she expressed sexual desires towards one of the responding police officers, as well.

She was hospitalized and charged with both resisting arrest and criminal mischief.

Though the incident was slightly humorous and very disruptive, it serves as a reminder of just how prevalent vandalizations and burglarizations are. In fact, criminals burglarize a home once every 13 seconds in the United State. Surprisingly, the majority (59%) of these crimes occur during the day, while only 41% occur at night.

“Making sure your business is properly secured should be a top concern for any business owner,” explains Vlad, owner of Direct Locksmith.

Though Suarez claims not to have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol whilst storming through the McDonald’s kitchen, she can’t remember the majority of her frenzied attack. After being released on a $7,000 bond, she told local news that she’s being treated for depression. During the incident, the mother of two was in the throes of a bipolar episode, which is the reason for her memory loss.

Should Suarez’s Internet infamy get the best of her and her family, she plans to leave Florida, her home of 15 years, and return to her native Colombia.

The employees who commented on and uploaded the video have since been fired.

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