GM Will Roll Out New Vehicles With Built-In Wireless


Chevrolet Speeds Up With OnStar 4G LTE“Starting next month OnStar will be providing 4G LTE service in the 2015 Chevrolet Malibu, with more than 30 other GM vehicles supporting the technology by the end of 2014,” ZDNet reported Monday. In other words, soon drivers will be able to use GM automobiles as a wireless hotspot.

Top news groups, including The Wall Street Journal are unimpressed with the upgrade, stating that consumers can easily do the same thing with smartphones. “It is a big gamble for the auto maker, especially since most Americans already use smartphones or iPads to connect to the Internet while riding in vehicles,” The Wall Street Journal continues. “Skeptics have also questioned why people would pay for yet another wireless service.”

The 4G LTE high-speed connectivity is likely to start at as much as $5 per day. (This particular option, GM adds, is best for users who want to activate services on an occasional, per-use basis.) Consumers can, however, also choose from a variety of data plans. AT&T customers and OnStar subscribers will be eligible for significant discounts. “If you are an AT&T subscriber then you can add your new GM vehicle to a mobile share plan for just $10 per month,” ZDNet explains. The companies also plan to roll out free trial services, hoping to learn what kinds of in-car wireless coverage are most profitable.

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