Golfer Makes Second Hole in One on Same Hole as Before


aceIt doesn’t matter how good of a golfer you are, hitting a hole in one is hard. For a pro golfer, the odds of hitting a hole in one are 2,500 to one. For an amateur, the odds skyrocket up to 12,500 to one.

So a hole in one is a pretty momentous occasion for casual golfers, and may even be a once in a lifetime experience depending on their skill level. Unless you’re John Bongiorno, that is.

Recently, the 54 year old golfer from Missouri made the second hole in one in his career. Using a 9-iron, Bongiorno drove the ball 141 yards from the tee to the pin on the 12th hole of the Raisin River Golf Club’s east course.

Though a remarkable achievement in and of itself, what makes this event so extraordinary is the fact that the golf veteran of 28 years not only hit a hole in one on the same course as his first one from 2011, but he hit it on the same exact hole.

Considering the odds of an amateur foursome making two aces in a single round of golf are 1,300,000 to one, and that the odds of an amateur foursome making two aces in the same hole are 26,000,000 to one, the odds of Bongiorno’s hole in one have got to be astronomical.

“Actually, due to the yardage and the fact that he was hitting a 9 iron, the odds are better than 12,500 to 1,” says Aleda Nelson of Hole-In-One USA. “If he plays the course fairly regularly, then his knowledge of the hole makes him more comfortable with what club to hit and where to aim and therefore the odds become even better. This happens more often than you think, particularly on shorter holes.”

Although luck was certainly a deciding factor in this amazing event, it takes a certain level of skill to get that lucky.

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