Hendricks and Hair: All You Need To Know About Hair Color

christina hendricks hair color dye

UPDATED 7/27/2020

5 years ago, in the United Kingdom, a Clairol hair color commercial starring Christina Hendricks was pulled off the airwaves for deliberately misleading viewers.

Hendricks is popularly known for her signature red hair and stunning good looks. In the commercial, the Clairol hair coloring product Nice n’Easy, claimed to show the potential for women to go from strawberry blonde to Marilyn Monroe blonde overnight. The commercial featured before and after shots to show off the hair dye’s stunning powers of transformation.

The idea that before and after photos might not be 100% realistic should come as no surprise to most consumers; however, the U.K. Advertising Standards Agency said this particular advert went too far.

Here’s the twist — all the footage in the before and after photos were real. There was just one problem. Hendricks is actually a natural blonde. Before the commercial, the actress was instructed not to dye her hair for eight weeks. Once the production crew filmed her as a blonde, they dyed her hair red again. In the final commercial, the producers switched the before and after segments, which the ASA says “misleadingly exaggerated the capability of the product.”

The ASA was alerted to the shenanigans by two skeptical hair color experts, most likely ordinary British hairstylists. Clairol insisted that even though the commercial played fast and loose with the phrase “before and after,” consumers really could achieve similar results at home with the product.

You can read the full text of the ruling here. So what can you expect from hair coloring?

Well, you can dye your hair virtually any color today. However, a red and auburn hair color palette care the most difficult to maintain and keep looking great. Browns and blondes tend to be easier to keep up with. Brighter colors like purples, blues, and greens, tend to lose their color fairly quickly and are usually the most damaging. A stylist can and should help you find the most adorable hair colors for you.

If you’re going to a salon, bring a picture with you, and if you’re going DIY make sure you know what you’re getting into. Test the hair color first and make sure you know whether you’re allergic to chemicals. No matter what method you’re going with, know that hair dye will damage your, and depending on what you get done it might be more permanent than you think.

There are a few more things you’ll need to do to keep your hair looking good after it’s dyed. Hair colors will fade over time so if you want your hair to keep looking good, you’ll need to get your hair redone about once a month to keep your hairs growth covered. You’ll also need color-safe shampoo to help keep your hair color looking good as long as possible. If you’ve gone blonde use purple shampoo to keep your hair from getting brassy.

No matter what you decide to do with your hair, just keep in mind you can’t go from brown the blonde as easily as you think!

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