Las Vegas Aesthetician Volunteers Healing Hands to Help Cancer Patients Care For Their Skin


Everyone knows that battling cancer takes a significant toll on the body. While chemotherapy and radiation are both highly effective cancer treatments, they can wreak havoc on the body by not only killing cancer cells, but healthy cells as well. Skin cells, in particular, are often ravaged by these treatments, and are likely to become damaged and inflamed.

Luckily, however, one Las Vegas area aesthetician is out to make a difference by helping teach cancer patients how to care for their skin while undergoing aggressive treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation.

Lia Yulianti is a certified aesthetician who volunteers her time to help cancer patients care for their skin, an area which is often neglected but takes a beating during treatment. Yulianti also owns her own skin care spa in Summerlin, NV, Belia Skin and Beauty Studio. Up the three times a week, Yulianti volunteers by facilitating the American Cancer Society’s “Look Good Feel Better” classes, which help cancer patients learn how to nurture their skin. Patients are referred by the American Cancer Society, and classes can run as long as 2 1/2 hours per class.

“The (chemotherapy) treatments can make their skin dry, cracked and make it change color,” Yulianti explained. “And those undergoing radiation, they’ll have skin that looks like a wound; it gets, like, inflamed. I feel so sad for them because if they don’t take care of it, it can get worse.”

Yulianti sees between three and 10 patients per session, during which she makes recommendations based on the condition of their skin. She often advises patients to buy products without active ingredients, such as glycolic acid, which are known to be drying to the skin. In addition, Yulianti recommends using professional skin care products such as Reservatrol skincare.

“The oncology regimen we typically recommend still consists of the usual steps: cleanse, treat, moisturize, and SPF,” says Michael Ter Mors, Head of Marketing/Market Research Analyst, CosMedical Technologies. “However, it’s important to use products that contain calming and non-aggressive ingredients. Use a chamomile or lavender cleanser, a soothing serum that contains lipids or green tea, a mild moisturizer, and a chemical-free sunscreen.”

In addition to receiving professional advice, attendees also receive a complimentary goodie bag worth $250 that contains healing skin care products and non-irritating make up. Also, attendees who may need a wig can select one of their choice for free. Yulianti goes one step further by offering attendees a complimentary facial massage at her beauty studio, valued at $80.

“At the end of the class, they’ll come up and hug me,” Yulanti said, while fighting back tears. “I wish I could find a cure for cancer.”

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