Luxury German Auto Maker Porsche Recalls High-end Spyder Hybrid


sypderRecently, Porsche recalled a number of its most expensive luxury model, the 918 Spyder Hybrid Supercar, in order to repair a potential defect with the real axle components. The issue was first detected as part of routine quality checks. So far almost 50 vehicles, five of which belonged to owners in the United States, have been affected. Porsche’s first supercar in nearly a decade, the 918 Spyder Hybrid retails at $845,000, with some custom models brushing $1 million.

The 887-horsepower Hybrid Supercar’s suspension has the possibility of failing if repairs are not made, according to a recent report Porsche posted on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website. The connecting links of a control arm have the potential of breaking, causing difficulty in controlling the vehicle.

“All customers were contacted individually by their responsible sales organization,” Porsche said in a statement. The process began in July of this year. No injuries or accidents related to the recall have been reported.

Porsche describes the recall as voluntary; however, once a vehicle manufacturer becomes aware of safety issue, it is required — within five business days — to inform the safety agency of its intention to schedule a recall, or face civil penalties.

“If it’s a factory recall with a manufacturer, it has to go back to the manufacturer,” says William Kratz of Carolina Mobile Auto Service. “If you notice the problem before the recall and had it repaired by an independent shop, you can usually file a claim to the manufacturer — if the car was fixed before the recall is announced — and get reimbursed.”

Production of the luxury hybrid will be limited to only 918 vehicles in order to emphasize the exclusivity of the vehicle as well as the brand. Matthias Mueller, Porche’s Chief Executive Officer stated in June that he expected all 918 vehicles to be completely sold out by the end of this year. To much anticipation, the first models were delivered in March. Mueller emphasized that once all 918 vehicles are sold, Porsche would not be selling any more.

Unveiled nearly a year ago at the International Auto Show in Frankfurt, Germany, the 918 Spyder packs a hybrid punch. The Spyder can reach 60 miles per hours in only 2.5 seconds. As a hybrid, the Spyder’s gas mileage makes it a strong contender at 67 milers per gallon, which tops the 51 miles per gallon of Toyota’s basic Prius hybrid.

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