Marijuana Legalization Results in All-New Open Bar at Weddings

Marijuana at Wedding Receptions

 Marijuana at Wedding ReceptionsSome couples are making a surprising addition to their wedding day, experts report. Incorporating marijuana into celebrations, it seems, is one of the fasting growing trends for Colorado brides and grooms saying “I do.” The trend is gaining ground as more states legalize the sale and distribution of cannabis. From cannabis leaf wedding bouquets (yes, cannabis leaf wedding bouquets!) to THC infused foods, it is safe to say that newly weds are embracing the legalized substance.

Top wedding resource The Knot surveyed men and women about marijuana use at weddings — and with startling results. At least¬†1,000 people have currently participated in the online poll. Sixty-seven percent are perfectly cool with it. “Yeah! I’d love to go to that wedding,” the majority voted. An estimated 22% expressed disapproval (“No! Drugs don’t belong at weddings”), and 11% voted, “I’m not for or against it.”

“Proponents of the idea say that, in places where weed is legal, it’s no different than offering alcohol during the cocktail hour,” ABC News explains. Ceremonies and receptions may include cannabis leaf decorations, marijuana vaping stations, open bars with a variety of different buds, or even cannabis-based foods.

Wedding planner Jane West describes an upcoming ceremony with legalized marijuana: “We are having all of the men wear ‘bud-tonnieres’ where their boutonniere is made with a small cannabis bud of the wedding party member’s choice — sativa or indica. After the formalities of the ceremony, they can remove the item, put it in the wedding party gift, which is a pipe, and smoke it.”

Couples looking to incorporate cannabis leaves, hash oil, or bud into their ceremonies and receptions, however, need to tread carefully. Remember, just like alcohol,¬†cannabis may be considered a liability. Be upfront about your intentions with venues. Venues will likely need a license — just like they do with alcohol. Moreover, serving marijuana at receptions is still a relatively new fad; some venues may be too uncomfortable — or simply unwilling — to host such events. Keep in mind that all THC infused foods should be clearly labelled, and (if they are attending) well out of children’s reach. Also consider outdoor stations for any marijuana smoke out of courtesy for abstaining guests.


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