Massive Billboard from LG Sets a New Guinness World Record


lgbillboardOne stretch of desert highway near Saudi Arabia’s King Khalid International Airport is now home to an outdoor advertisement unlike anything seen before.

According to Digital Trends, a new billboard advertising the LG G3 smartphone — standing at 240 meters wide (the length of two soccer fields, for comparison) and 12 meters high, or 3,000 square meters — has earned the Guinness World Records distinction of being the largest outdoor advertisement in the world.

Some 1,800 tons of steel went into the construction of the billboard, and it had to be specially designed to withstand the harsh winds and sands of the desert.

Digital Trends reports that the billboard’s location places it near an airport that sees approximately 20 million people flying in and out each year, and it’s an intentionally strategic spot that LG estimates will result in an extra $25 million each year in revenue annually for the tech company.

“People tend to ignore online and print advertising in magazines and online media. With mobile/static advertising, people tend to register what the ad is displaying moreso than with other types of advertising.” Edmund Karam, President, Lucent Wraps.

LG did not disclose the cost of creating its advertisement for the G3, according to an Uber Gizmo article — but it’s safe to say that the extra revenues generated by the ad will more than make up for the billboard’s cost.

And the billboard won’t just be used to market the G3, as LG plans to use its massive ad space to advertise future products made by the home electronics maker.

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