Michigan Library Closes Indefinitely Thanks to Bed Bug Infestation


There are many things homeowners need to stay on top of to keep their house looking and feeling more like home. One major concern many homeowners have is the dread of finding out that they have a bed bug infestation. There are many wives’ tails and myths surrounding these pests, one of the most common being the question of are bed bugs in every bed?

While it can seem like they show up without warning, as if they were always there, bed bugs are common but are not found in every home. There is usually something that has caused them to get into a home and reproduce. That is why someone can suddenly see an influx of bugs, often without warning.

Contacting pest control and termite inspectors can be a great way to start your attack as they can check inside and outside the home for problem areas. They can also help recommend the best treatments and offer ideas for a spray to kill bed bugs safely and easily inside the home.

Both adult bedbugs and the nymphs need to be killed in order to totally eliminate the population and to keep them from reproducing inside the home.

It can be extremely frustrating when you have pests in your home. Most of the time, people do not plan these situations, and it is just one additional headache that you need to deal with on top of everything else in your life. This is why it can help to hire a pest control professional when you have to deal with pests, such as bed bugs.

Some people try to tackle indoor pest control on their own, but this is not advisable in many cases. In some cases, you need a professional to come up with a good indoor pest control plan. As a layperson, there are definitely things about bed bugs and other pests that you do not know. Even if you do a lot of research, there is no substitute for experience, which a professional is going to have more of than you. They are likely going to be much more familiar with bed bug characteristics and bed bug control products. They will also likely be able to tell you what a bed bug checker and bed bug farm are. Since they have knowledge about bed bugs, they are going to be more likely to be able to treat this problem.

Infestations are gross and dangerous to the health of everyone in your home. So if you find bugs or rats, you need to get rid of them. A home bug treatment might get rid of them, but you’ll likely need to bring in a pest control company. Whether they are independent exterminators or part of a nationwide chain in pest control, these experts will have the skill and tools to get rid of mice, bed bugs, or anything else that is infesting your home. The process can be messy and inconvenient, but it is worth it to know that the problem is completely gone. They will come in and use chemicals to kill pests all over your home, including in the smallest little crevices of the building. Once they are done, they can also instruct you on the best home pest prevention techniques to make sure it doesn’t happen again. If home treatment doesn’t work the first time, make sure you bring in the experts immediately. It will cost more, but will ultimately save you money, time, and stress.

Updated 1/5/21

An Exterminator or Pest Controller, which is which?

Let’s start by understanding what “exterminate” means. It refers to “destroy completely” or “put to death.” It suggests that an exterminator’s major goal is to use highly toxic chemicals to kill pests once and for all. While pest control also seeks to eliminate pets, it focuses on managing pests through environmentally friendly products. If necessary, a pest control company may use chemicals, too. Additionally, pest management emphasizes finding long-term solutions, unlike exterminator services.

Depending on your needs, you may call an exterminator if you want an immediate solution to deal with your troublesome pests. But if you want a careful understanding of your pests inside the home and even in nature, then a pest control management firm would be a better option. It’ll provide an all-around pest control program that examines the reasons for the presence of pests.

Should you go for an exterminator instead, ensure that you’ve got an exterminator guarantee. It should state that the exterminator will return at no extra cost if pests appear again between treatments. It also applies to a pest management service provider.

Whatever pest service you’ll choose, you must have an annual pest control program. It means that rather than dealing with pests haphazardly, your service provider will come several times a year to investigate and get rid of pests. As a result, you’ll have fewer pests and pesticides.

An infestation of all kinds of any bug or pest is a disturbing affair, but there’s none as worse as bed bugs. The discomfort bedbugs bring is intolerable. The use of professionals for bed bug control saves you time and money (and more than a little sanity). Professionals prevent further infestation of bed bugs, too. They strive to bring back the comfort away from being tormented by the bite of bedbugs. The main job of these professionals, however, is to inspect for bedbugs in the first place. This is especially true since bedbugs can be seemingly impossible to find.

Are bedbugs only in beds?

Are bed bugs only in beds? No. Bedbugs are found mostly in beds and you often notice them after waking up because of the marks on your body from their bites. However, these bugs are also found in light switches, behind pictures, and in electric outlets. Bedbugs can also be found in luggage, backpacks, purses, and on items placed on soft surfaces. The bed bug activity revolves around where they feed. For this reason, they can also travel between rooms and houses of a building.

How to avoid bed bugs

The presence of bedbugs in a room or building is irritating. Getting bitten by bedbugs can easily prove the infestation. It makes you uncomfortable and itchy in some people. How can you keep away all kinds of bed bugs? Since they mostly stay around the bed, it is important to cover your mattress using a protective cover. By doing this, you eliminate the bed bug activity spots. Before buying second-hand furniture, check for any signs of bed bug infestation.

A Michigan library closed after search dogs made a troubling discovery: the Warren, MI library was infested with bed bugs. “Mayor Jim Fouts said an insect resembling a bedbug was discovered at the Miller Branch last Saturday by a librarian,” Detroit Free Press reports. “The librarian told Fouts that a patron reported a man, who was sitting next to her in the library, had visible bugs crawling all over his body.”

bed bug

Dogs confirmed the bed bug infestation, and the library closed as of Wednesday, June 13. The library, and particularly items identified by the bug-sniffing dogs, will undergo non-toxic heat treatments while the library is closed. The treatment works by heating items and/or rooms to at least 135 degrees Fahrenheit. These extreme temperatures kill bed bugs and bed bug larva.

Moreover, officials will train employees to recognize bed bugs and telltale signs of bed bugs. Staff will routinely inspect returned items to prevent future incidents. The Miller branch, the source of the bed bugs, “will be closed indefinitely,” according to The Daily Tribune. Other branches of The Warren Public Library will remain open.

The infestation also resulted in a halt of used book donations until further notice. “The bed bug infestation is an indication that a favorite or relaxing activity at home for many, may pose risks for public libraries. Reading in bed could create a path for bed bugs to move from bedrooms to public buildings,” The Daily Tribune concludes.

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