Mobile Dental Care Services Help 4,000 People Across Abu Dhabi in Seven Months


SONY DSCRecent reports revealed that Abu Dhabi’s Mobile Dental Care Unit helped approximately 4,000 people throughout the emirate get access to dental hygiene check-ups and services in the seven-month period from October 2013 to May 2014.

According to an August 5 Khaleej Times article, the Medical Services Department of the Abu Dhabi Police established the Mobile Dental Care Unit as part of the “Plants of Hope” initiative, which aims to improve the medical and therapeutic services offered to Abu Dhabi residents. The Mobile Dental Care Unit offers routine dental check-ups and screenings in addition to educating patients about the importance of good dental hygiene, the article reported.

The Mobile Dental Care Unit was especially beneficial to the elderly and individuals with disabilities and other special needs, according to Major Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al Raisi, the Dental Clinics Branch Manager of the Abu Dhabi Police’s Medical Services Department.

“The mobile unit provides services to individuals from all segments of society,” Dr. Al Raisi told the Khaleej Times. “The elderly and those with special needs were the first to benefit from the dental services provided. … Most of the cases diagnosed were of cavities and decay, which were more prevalent among children, and gum disease, which was more prevalent among adults.”

“This is a great services that brings dental care to people who really need it,” says Dr. Charles Botbol DDS, Studio B Dental in Toronto. “Most people don’t think about their oral hygiene as a health risk, but your overall oral health affects the health of your whole body.”

According to the Khaleej Times, the Mobile Dental Care Unit will continue to offer dental care to people who might not be able to travel to a dentist’s office without help.

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