The Original Mustang Is Back and Is Literally Better Than Ever


revology-mustangRevology Cars has made the old new again. In mid-March, the Florida-based restoration company debuted its Revology Mustang, a new and improved replica of the iconic Ford muscle cars sold between 1964 to 1966. The Revology iteration, though, has a few differences from the classic Ford — particularly, the price.

“Our car is not just a copy,” Tom Scarpello, founder of Revology, said in a promotional video. “Our car is really a postmodern interpretation of that original Mustang. In other words, it is upgraded with modern technology and materials that weren’t available 50 years ago.”

Some of the upgrades Revology made include a 265-horsepower, Windsor V-8 engine, LED headlights and tail lamps, 18 miles-per-gallon fuel efficiency, a hidden antenna, one-year bumper to bumper warranty, and five-year body corrosion warranty.

In an email to the NY Daily News, Revology representative John McCormick said the Mustang “looks exactly like the original but is far better to drive and own, in so many ways, than even the very best restored example.”

With so many enhancements, it’s only natural that Revology would put a steep price on the new classic, one that’s thrice what Ford asks for its 2015 Mustang. The Revology Mustang costs consumers a whopping $119,500.

Although Revology probably won’t be able to sell the 1.3 million vehicles Ford was able to back when it originally debuted the Mustang, the supped up, new-old car, the company has already gotten some serious praise. Car and Driver said in a review that “Revology’s Repro Ford Mustangs have us salivating.”

Motor Authority said in a review that “even with all of the upgrades, Revology’s Mustang replica looks so authentic, it can easily be mistaken for a perfectly restored original. Numerous details highlight the effort to maintain the look of the original.”

Though it might cost as much as three modern Mustangs, it seems that the authorities agree: The impressive improvements justify the price.

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