The Sinkhole That Swallowed a Man in 2013 Has Just Reopened

sinkholeopenWhen it comes down to it, there are two kinds of holes: the ones we dig on purpose that we know and understand, and ones that are naturally occurring, seemingly endless, vast and terrifying.

Holes we dig ourselves, for example, can be likened to the 222 oil rigs that exist in the United States as of 2015.

Two years ago, however, an incident in Seffner, Florida reminded us that the latter kind of hole exists, and its recent return reiterates that in the face of natural occurrences, human beings are helpless.

On what seemed like a typical evening in March of 2013, Jeff Bush, 36, was fast asleep in his bed, when suddenly the floor opened up beneath him, literally swallowing him whole.

As it turns out, Bush’s home existed directly on top of a sinkhole, a ground cavity typically caused by water erosion. The particular sinkhole that Bush’s house was located on was 100 ft. deep — so deep that his body was never recovered.

Other sinkholes are from anywhere from 60-2,000 feet deep.

Soon after the incident involving Bush, the house was torn down and the hole was subsequently filled.

Now, the hole has opened back up, and is estimated to be about 20 feet deep.

While no one knows why the hole reopened, experts surmise that it was because of rains that swept through the area.

According to USA Today, the hole was discovered after local residents heard a loud noise and went to investigate.

With sinkholes, one of the biggest dangers is the threat of collapse in surrounding areas. No one has been injured and as of now, none of the nearby homes have been evacuated.

As Florida officials further investigate the situation, all we can do is sit, wait, and marvel at the terrifying and inevitable power of Mother Nature.

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