Paul Walker’s Death Scene Sunglasses Purportedly For Sale


paulwalkerThe sunglasses Paul Walker wore during a fatal crash on November 30 allegedly went up for auction on Thursday. An undisclosed seller claims he found the sunglasses in an ivy bush after police left the scene. The auction site, BidAMI, listed Paul Walker’s Maui Jim sunglasses as well as a fire extinguisher and a piece of debris, also ostensibly from the scene of Walker’s death.

An acquisitions specialist, Kieta (the official chose not to reveal her last name), described the site’s authentication process to New York Daily News:

“We photo-matched them to the one’s Paul was wearing [that day]. And of course [we considered] the statement from the person who obtained them.”

Although the auction raises a slew of ethical questions, that did not stop it from gaining considerable interest. In fact, the site apparently crashed from too many page viewsUSA Today reports. BidAMI plans to extend the auction until March 27. There were only four bidders when the auction site crashed. The last bid was $1,572.

The Internal Business Timesadds, “The lack of bidders were reportedly said to be due to questions about the authenticity of the items.”

USA Today and many others maintain that the sale is disrespectful. “In Hollywood, there’s shameless behavior, and then there’s soulless behavior. An auction underway on just might fall into the latter category,” USA Todaycontinues. Site officials insist that they do not intend any disrespect. In fact, a portion of the proceeds will go to, according to The Internal Business Times.

“Wearing something that someone died in is a little strange to some people,” says Craig Anderson, Managing Director ofThe Sunglass Fix. “It may be better as a collectors item, which is probably what they will do considering the price that they’ll have to pay for it.”

The Fast andamp; Furious star and friend, Roger Rodas, died in a high-speed car crash on November 30, 2013. Rodas lost control of the vehicle, ultimately colliding with a tree and a lamp post. Walker was in the process of filming Fast andamp; Furious 7.

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