Pizza GoGo’s Gold Pie Can Make You a Celebrity Overnight

What makes a good slice of pizza? Most pizza purists will tell you that a good pie is all about simplicity, complete with a chewy crust, fresh cheese, and the perfect amount of sauce.

But if you ask PizzaGoGo, they might tell you that 23-karat gold flakes and high-quality shellfish are the ticket to the perfect pie.

Indeed, high-end pizza fanatics are clamoring to the U.K. pizza chain to grab a slice out of the $700 pizza.

The pizza’s topping list reads like something out of a hoity-toity French bistro menu, boasting a generous sprinkle of fantail prawns, beluga caviar, and white truffle oil. And as if this isn’t enough, the promotion also includes a “red carpet delivery,” complete with a butler to serve the pie.

Additionally, customers who order the exclusive pizza will be bombarded by the paparazzi, who will ultimately plaster the pizza eater’s face all over the Internet.

The extravagant spin on the traditional pie might offer Americans the perfect excuse to hop on a plane to the U.K. to taste the decadence — particularly after missing out on Pizza Hut’s Super Bowl promotion earlier this month, which gave away 24-karat-gold covered pizzas. Yet given the gourmet kitchens and outside pizza ovens that some American households have, others may want to take a different approach to creating the perfect pizza pie.

Most people would consider this the perfect pie.
Most people would consider this the perfect pie.

And lately, pizza isn’t the only thing covered in gold. In New York City, Filipino restaurant The Manila Social Club is offering up a $100 dollar golden doughnut, complete with an ube mousse jelly, a 24-karat gold dust and an edible gold flake.

While the doughnut is indeed glitzy, New York Magazine food critic Adam Platt reported being underwhelmed by the flavor of the confectionary treat.

With that being said, will PizzaGoGo’s golden pie deliver the true celebrity experience — in both taste and experience? Only a trip across the pond will tell.

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