There is Still Hope for Rescuing a Couple of Mountain Climbers


Rescue helicopterWhile looking for adventure and some beautiful mountain views, tragedy struck on Craig Meagaidh Mountain in the western Highlands of Scotland when three people were killed, two were injured, and another couple is still missing after they were hit with bad weather.

On Wednesday, Feb. 17, Newsweek reports an avalanche occurred on Craig Meagaidh Mountain where two of the climbers were located.

Four mountain rescue teams were dispatched after hearing of the incident and were able to pull the two climbers out of the snow. However, one died soon after reaching the hospital.

Scottish police also announced that a separate group of three elders went missing the day before the avalanche. After being spotted and rescued by a search helicopter, two have now been confirmed dead.

The departed were local avid climbers George Crosbie, 73, and Jeffrey Stewart, 74. The survivor, Bobby Thomson, 64, is still hospitalized battling hypothermia.

To make matters worse, the avalanche actually diverted teams from looking for another couple, Rachel Slater and Tim Newton, who recently went missing while climbing Ben Nevis, the U.K.’s highest mountain on a Valentine’s day trip.

Stating that people have in the past survived for up to four days lost in the mountains, Donald Paterson, one of the search and rescuers, has not given up hope of finding them.

According to The Guardian, Paterson is not alone as the families of the couple have come forward as optimistic they will be rescued.

Their families issued a joint statement urging anyone who may have seen or spoken to the couple to contact them with any information they can. They also asked that people on the mountains keep an eye out for any signs of the climbers.

“We’d also like to appeal to anyone planning to climb or hike in the area this weekend to be aware of the ongoing search activity and to report anything they feel may be relevant — even if it appears insignificant — to police on 101,” read the statement.

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