Studies Show Divorces Spike in January and March Every Year


If you are going to get a divorce soon, there are a lot of questions that you might have about every aspect of that divorce. You might want to know how to deal with an angry child after divorce. It’s always important to listen to them, and you might want to find them a counselor who can help. Can a person get a divorce without the other party’s consent? Yes, this is called a contested divorce, and it can complicate the process.

Can a lawyer file your divorce papers? Yes, this is one of the primary duties of a divorce lawyer. You need them to make sure that the papers are filled out correctly and that they are then filed properly. Can a spouse contest a divorce? This generally makes the divorce take longer and cost more because of that extra time. Can a spouse force a divorce? Yes, they can do it through the court system.

When a spouse is contesting the divorce, you generally have to sue them for the divorce. When you do this, there may be more expected of you to make the divorce go through. If possible, try to get the other party to agree to the divorce.

UPDATED 1/12/21

The holidays are over, which means it’s officially National Divorce Month, or as most people call it — January. At the beginning of the new year, people tend to reevaluate their lives, set new goals, and cut out the baggage that’s been dragging them down. For some individuals, that baggage includes their spouse.

Here in the U.S., family and divorce lawyers have reported experiencing a spike in business up to 30% every January. In the U.K., statistics show that one in five couples make plans to divorce after the winter holidays.

“Holiday time is usually a time when we get a spike in consultations and retentions,” said Lois Liberman of the law firm Blank Rome in New York. “Holiday time is usually fraught with a lot of tension, emotion and financial issues, which is usually the trigger.”

The urge to start the new year off on a clean slate combined with the stress of the holidays can create the perfect recipe for divorce. Money is tight as a good chunk of that month’s income goes towards Christmas gifts, and winter day after winter day is spent cooped up at home with the spouse, family, and in-laws. The pressure builds and some couples break under the weight of it all.

Some researchers have found that there is a spike in divorces filed in January; however, the real peak doesn’t occur until March. They’re more likely to call January “I’m Starting to Research My Options Month,” as many unhappy husbands and wives reach out to divorce lawyers at the beginning of the year, but don’t end up officially filing for another two or three months.

Analysis by the website revealed that Internet searches for the terms “divorce,” “family law,” and “child custody,” typically increase by 50% between December and January and gradually swell through March.

According to Miles Mason, a Memphis-based family lawyer, many clients will start the conversation in January and take their time planning everything out, creating a holistic strategy in order to make smart legal, personal, and financial decisions.

divorce attorney

The truth is divorces are expensive, so having a strategy is essential. While the average cost of a wedding reception is about $13,106, the average cost for a divorce could end up in the six-figure range. Some people, no matter how unhappy they are, simply can’t afford a divorce right after the holidays.

While everyone can agree that June is the most popular month for weddings, researchers and lawyers don’t all agree on the exact timing of “divorce season.” Regardless, it’s safe to say that the majority of splits occur towards the beginning of the year. Other research shows that nearly one-third of women dye or change their hairstyle following a breakup or divorce, which may lead one to wonder: do hair stylists see a boost in business between January and March, too?

A divorce is one of the most challenging experiences that a couple can go through. Depending on the grounds of divorce, the process can be an easy one or might take longer. Regardless of when the divorce is taking place, both parties ought to be prepared to seek the services of all types of attorneys. For instance, one might require to search for “a will lawyer near me” to allow them to take care of all the will-related lawsuits. As a result, it would be easy for the parties to overcome any will-related issues. Attorneys have a lot of knowledge and experience in family law and, therefore, know how to handle divorce cases.

Before a couple decides to file for a divorce, they need to ensure that it is the best decision. If the parties require an attorney’s representation in caught, it will be necessary to seek affordable legal services. Such ensures that the divorce process does not drain the parties financially. The legal fee is paid depending on the attorney hours used, and hence, a divorce proceeding can be costly. A substantial number of couples begin the divorce conversation early enough to enable them to make financial and child custody plans toandnbsp;get affordable legal advice.

After filing for divorce you are left with the hope that your spouse will be amicable and that they allow things to get finalized without any unnecessary hiccups along the way. Unfortunately, there isn’t a better way to divorce than the one that is prescribed by the law. To avoid problems during your divorce proceedings, it is best to hire an experienced divorce attorney who will ensure that your interests are met no matter the circumstances. If you are wondering “can you fight a divorce on your own?”, then the answer is yes you can because under certain circumstances some people who lack the financial support to hire a divorce attorney opt to handle their affairs their way. This is advisable if you will be able to understand the legal jargon and common divorce terms that are used during the divorce proceedings but lack the money to hire a divorce attorney. If there was a better way to divorce, the divorce statistics would most likely be higher than they are currently because most people dread what happens after filing for divorce and the possibility of losing a lot of money when a divorce attorney is required to navigate certain aspects such as the thorough understanding of common divorce terms.

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