Zombie-Proof Cabins are Equipped with Solar Power, Barbed Wire, and Xbox

zombiecabinSolar panels have long been hailed as a way to cut down on oil dependence and move toward clean energy, but a company in the United Kingdom is more interested in their merits as zombie survival tools.

U.K. building company Tiger Log Cabins recently unveiled its ZFC-1 Zombie Fortification Cabin, a product that’s sure to send doomsday preppers running for their wallets. The cabins sell at £69,995, or $113,000, and are designed to protect the owner who’s more concerned about the walking dead than keeping up with the Joneses.

Base models of the zombie-proof cabin come equipped with a standard living area, complete with an Xbox system, a turntable sound system and a plasma HDTV, suggesting that the worst enemy in a zombie apocalypse may in fact be boredom.

The cabin is split into a compound with three distinct units. The two smaller units consist of a storage unit for canned soup and firearms and a garage fit for an armored vehicle (which unfortunately is not included).

The third and largest building houses a two-story living space with a furnished exercise room, two bedrooms equipped with six bunk beds and two chests of drawers, and a living room/kitchen area with a sofa, coffee table and microwave. At the center of the compound is a walled-in outdoor garden for survivalists who want to take a crack at growing their own food.

At the top of the largest unit is an upper deck area for residents to spy on the zombie population from above. Spotlights and mounted artillery aren’t included, but residents will still rest easy surrounded by the barbed wire running along every roof in the compound.

More advanced models, for an additional $8,500, come with CCTV security cameras to track the movement of encroaching walkers, and solar panels to power the cabin’s various entertainment consoles when zombies inevitably take over the power stations.

Buyers who throw in another $4,000 will find a full riot suit, complete with gas mask and shield, when they move into their new cabin, and another $21,000 will buy full installation services from Tiger Log Cabins.

The cabin even comes with a generous 10-year warranty that covers attacks from “voodoo zombies, brooks zombies, and fast infected zombies.” Unfortunately, “medical evidence of the presence of a real zombie” is required to claim the warranty.

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