Apple and Google Go Head-to-Head in Battle for Smartwatch Supremacy


watchGoogle and Apple are the world’s largest tech entities.

So it comes as no surprise that the two Silicon Valley giants are prepping to enter the world of smartwatches, each hoping to become the top smartwatch provider.

According to USA Today, Google’s smartwatches will be made by LG, Motorola and Samsung and will feature Android software that allows wearers to text, e-mail and check other notifications from their wrist.

Apple is expected to unveil its own smartwatch at its annual fall conference, USA Today reports.

While Google’s smartwatches can boast its familiar Android software and compatibility with some of the most popular phones on the market, they also only work with phones with the latest version of Android — and, according to Envisioneering Group analyst Richard Doherty, many Android phones are still running with older versions of the software.

And while Android is the world’s most popular smartphone software, Apple’s iOS software has the advantage of developer preference — basically, app developers optimize their apps for the iOS platform before turning to Android.

And according to a June 23 article on The DrumApple’s smartphone is rumored to include features including at least 10 sensors to track health and fitness data, which builds on the current trend in luxury sport watches that allow the wearer to track his or her physical activity.

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