Dubai Dentist Crafts World’s Most Expensive Set of Dentures


dubaiA dentist in Dubai has crafted what may be the world’s most expensive set of dentures.

According to a June 24 Arabian Business article, the Dubai Liberty Dental Clinic crafted the dentures from 10 grams of pure 24-karat gold encrusted with 156 circular, 2.5-carat diamonds. The piece is valued at AED 562,000, or $153,000 in American dollars.

Unsurprisingly, these “dentures” aren’t meant to be worn as the popular prosthetic replacement for missing teeth, which make it possible to retain the function of natural teeth despite missing one’s natural teeth.

Instead,  Arabian Business reports, the gold and diamond piece is intended to be slipped over one’s natural teeth for parties and photo opportunities.

A female customer from the United Arab Emirates has already purchased the piece, Arabian Business reports, and a Qatari customer has placed an order for another. The Dubai Liberty Dental Clinic said it plans to donate AED 100,000 from the sale to a children’s charity in the United Arab Emirates.

Dr. Majd Naji, head of the clinic, said the clinic hopes its creation will earn a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records, according to Arabian Business.

“We got a certificate from the World Diamond Institute in Belgium to confirm that the diamond and gold used in this brace was totally pure and we are waiting to list it in the record book as the most expensive smile in the world,” Naji said.

Dr. Naji also said the piece was created as a reaction to reports calling the United Arab Emirates the happiest place on earth, according to Arabian Business.

“After UAE people got the title of the happiest people we started thinking of making the most expensive smile in the world,” he said.

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