Apple Lags Behind When it Comes to Startups


applebehindgoogleWhile Apple is generally seen as one of the top creative companies in the world, there is one realm in which they lag behind: startups. Google had an estimated 63 high-profile startups compared to Apple’s 33. In addition, Apple lags behind Yahoo and PayPal by about 50%.

When asked why this is, a former Apple employee had some interesting thoughts. He believes that Apple employs a lot of people who are great at what they do, but who are followers, who simply do what they are told to. Plus, Apple is a pretty well-off company — their employees aren’t dying to leave. There could be a few other reasons for this trend as well:

  • The secrecy that surrounds Apple and their products rubs off on their employees. They get so used to that ideology, that when they start their own business it fails, because they forget they actually need to publicize what they’re doing.

  • Because many decisions at Apple aren’t made by the employees, but instead made by management, those starting their own business are not used to on-the-spot decision making. They try to plan everything out, but because startups need to be constantly evolving, there can be trouble when things don’t go according to the well-thought-out plan.

  • Apple alumni hardly get to network while they’re employed there, because individual employees don’t get recognition. Because of that, they’re behind those who have been marketing for years.

  • Apple generally doesn’t want to employ entrepreneurs because they’ll leave to start something new. Apple doesn’t buy out many companies, so they need the employees they have in place.

Launching a startup is a great way to become independent. As 80% of people believe working remotely is a perk, having your own business allows you that freedom. Companies like Apple can teach valuable lessons about corporate America, and they can teach you what you do or don’t want in your own company. What do you think? Should Apple be better preparing their employees for life outside of that bubble?

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