Armed Forces Day Activities in UK Encourage Reservists to Wear a Different Uniform to Work


100 DAYS TO GO UNTIL ARMED FORCES DAY 2013  **EMBARGOED UNTIL 00:01 FRIDAY 22 MARCH**From emergency response personnel to mail carriers, many workers around the world rely on uniforms to do their jobs. In the United Kingdom, military reservists are wore a different sort of uniform to their jobs on Wednesday, June 25.

The soldiers took part in the sixth annual Uniform to Work Day, which built up to Armed Forces Day on Saturday, June 28, and wore their military uniforms to their civilian jobs.

The U.K. has around 30,000 Armed Forces Reservists, who have been deployed approximately 25,000 times on operations around the world since 2003.

The goal of Uniform to Work Day, say organizers, is to highlight how ordinary citizens are going the extra mile for their country.

Reservists participating in the event explained the benefits of being in the Reserve. “Time and again I have found that skills I have learned in the Reserves have helped me succeed at work – whether team-working, confidence and communications, or just being able to stay up through a night of long negotiations,” said Reservist and Chartered Engineer Major General John Crackett, assistant chief of the defense staff (reserves and cadets).

“My employer came to realise that my reserve service was good for me and good for the company too,” said Crackett.

In addition to global military operations, the 2012 Olympic Games in London had security staff provided by 2,000 Reservists. The Reserve members also contributed to flood relief efforts earlier this year across the U.K.

Just as military experience goes a long way in the transition to civilian life, civilian experiences can also contribute to the role soldiers play in the military.

And uniforms, no matter which type, can add professionalism to any workforce.

As well as letting their Reservist employees wear uniforms to work, businesses in the U.K. are encouraged to sign the Corporate Covenant, a voluntary pledge that supports the Armed Forces community by employing Reservists.

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