California’s Title 24 Energy Standard Goes Into Effect


caOn Tuesday, July 1, California’s Title 24 standard took effect throughout the state, promising tougher restrictions on energy consumption.

According to a July 2 CEPro article, Title 24, the state’s update to its 2013 Building Energy Efficiency Standards, call for a 25% reduction in lighting, HVAC and water use throughout residences and a 30% reduction in energy use for nonresidential buildings.

“These new Title 24 standards will help California buildings function beautifully and economically. The most effective way to optimize building performance is during construction,” Commissioner Andrew McAllister, who oversees the Energy Commission’s energy efficiency division, said, according to CEPro. “Standards are a foundational part of California’s long-term goals for meeting our energy needs, conserving resources and protecting the environment.”

According to the Imperial Valley News Title 24’s regulations will add $2,000 to the cost of a newly-constructed home. However, it is estimated that homeowners will save more than $6,000 on energy costs over a 30-year period under Title 24. Some 200 million gallons of water and 170,500 tons of greenhouse gas emissions will be saved each year as well, the Imperial Valley News reports.

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