Britain Plagues With Flooding As Tropical Storm Henri Hits


York flooded streetAccording to a recent update from Express UK, Britain is experiencing severe flood alert warnings, as tropical Storm Henri sweeps the country, leaving behind it a wake of destruction. Side-effects of the rampant storm include torrential rains and 70 mph winds, causing flooding in the more coastal regions. These coastal locations can expect double the normal amount of rainfall this week alone. Though Britain usually experiences a calm autumn, this season will be especially chaotic in contrast.

Forecaster Emma Sharples from the Met Office said that they were not going to rule out severe weather warnings in the upcoming week.

“A band of rain moves through the UK on Monday, and it is looking very unsettled with gales in exposed coasts especially in the south. We are keeping an eye on what tropical storm Henri will do as there is another unsettled weather system piggy-backing into the UK. The track and timings of the low are still uncertain but it is likely we will be issuing warnings as this becomes clearer. It is quite a disturbed weather pattern.”

Richard Chapman of the Weather Network called it “wild weather.” He commented:

“It is definitely set to be unsettled with rain and some strong winds dominating. If the jet stream engages with ex-tropical storm Henri we could be in for some wild weather, a real taste of autumn.”

Citizens should prepare accordingly for the upcoming storm. Making sure that windows are impact resistant (making them able to withstand winds up to 200 mph) and that all home entrances are secure will reduce risks of danger during inclement weather. Exacta Weather’s forecaster, James Madden, added:

“The unsettled weather will be accompanied by some gusty or potentially strong winds at times to give an autumnal feel to affairs.”

Major changes to the planet’s weather over the past two years have been documented by climate scientists. Tropical storm Henri is just one of many signs pointing to a big shift in the Earth’s seasons, and their strength.

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