Chili’s cancels fundraiser with National Autism Association


Chili has canceled a fundraiser with National Autism Association after having sheer criticism on its official face book page. National Autism Association is a group which links autism to vaccination. NAA said in its recent press release published on its website that “vaccinations can increase autism in children particularly those who are predisposed to inflammatory conditions, autoimmune or immune”.

The spokeswoman of Chili said to a private news channel that “the intention of this comment was not pertaining to this matter rather it was an extension of support to those families which have been affected from autism”.

It goes without saying that, in the past few years, it has been observed that parents are avoiding their children from vaccination. The anti vaccination believers hold the opinion that in 2008 someone had conducted a study on autism which proved that vaccination was linked to autism and should be grossly avoided.

On the other hand, NAA writes on its website that “there had been many cases of unvaccinated children who were diagnosed with autism. Besides, the President of NAA Wendy Fournier said “we have seen the comments posted on the official face book page of Chili and they were supposed to be intentionally posted”.  She further said that “it was a small group of people that did want us to help the affected families and they were prompting loathe among the readers”.

Last but not the least, the spokeswoman of Chili said that “though we have canceled our program ye we are committed to provide all kinds of assistance to autism affected families”.

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