Chiropractic Care Shown to Help Pets as Much as it Helps People

chiropetsChiropractic therapy isn’t just for us humans anymore.

In fact, it might actually be a huge benefit to your pet’s health and wellness to bring him or her to a veterinary chiropractor — a practice that is becoming increasingly popular among pet owners.

According to a Nov. 2 Daily Progress article, certification programs for alternative veterinary fields like chiropractic care are becoming more common across the country. As a result, most veterinarians expect pet owners to bring their canine or feline friend to an animal chiropractor if their injuries or post-surgery states necessitate it.

When an animal ages, they experience many of the same musculoskeletal problems people do, such as back pain and muscle strains. But since our pets can’t tell us what hurts, they may have to simply live with the pain.

“My [clients] are devoted to their pets and often have either performance or geriatric animals,” Dr. Regina Schwabe, a veterinary chiropractor who practices near Charlottesville, VA, told the Daily Progress. “They come to maximize their dogs’ comfort or performance — and because, I think, they know I will teach them how to take better care of their animals: nutritional advice, massage, exercises, etc.”

Performing chiropractic therapy on an animal is largely similar to the way a traditional chiropractor would work on the human body.

Dr. Daniel Madock, a chiropractor who treats both people and pets in the Tampa Bay area, says it’s all about manually adjusting the vertebrae to ensure the spine is in good health.

“We come in on the first cervical vertebra…and what we’re looking for is that little reflex,” he explained to My FOX Tampa Bay. “When we hit a sore spot, (the pet) reacts. Dogs can’t tell us where it hurts, but their muscular systems shows us where it hurts.”

“Dr. Randy Baze, a chiropractor in Renton, WA has seen thousands of animals in his clinic. He has seen better results in caring for animals then he has in most of his human patients,” says Skylar Gemmer of Life Force Chiropractic. “He has even had several quadriplegic dogs regain movement in their limbs, it’s incredible!”

According to a Nov. 4 ABC3 article, virtually any animal can be brought to a veterinary chiropractor — even larger animals like cows, sheep, goats, pigs and horses. No matter the type of animal or the ailment they have, it’s clear that veterinary chiropractors want our pets to be as pain-free as we are after seeing our chiropractors.

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