Why Content Marketing Doesn’t Mean You Should Abandon Traditional Advertising


Content-MarketingWith its long-term value, content marketing has quickly taken over traditional advertising methods as the preferred way to reach target audience. With a well-executed content marketing strategy, businesses can educate consumers on entire industries and also allow them to make more informed decisions.

Though content marketing is a popular method for reaching readers, many businesses aren’t necessarily making it a priority. Typically, this is because launching a successful content marketing strategy requires both personal and company-wide commitment, and many company executives fear they may lose out on the short-term gains generated from traditional and digital ads if they shift their entire focus and budget toward content marketing.

However, this should not be thought of as an either/or decision. Businesses can have their cake and eat it too, by continuing to utilize their current advertising strategies, rather than simply disregard them, in order to continue generating revenue in the short term in addition to creating a dynamic content marketing strategy to support their brand in the long term.

In fact, 92% of marketers use content marketing in conjunction with their other advertising efforts. Why? Content marketing allows for greater reach. With content marketing, brands can use content to boost marketing efforts in many areas. Relevant, quality content strengthens SEO, allowing company websites to show up in Google search results. Also, businesses can content in their email marketing campaigns, as well as having their sales team use it in order to better educate potential clients.

Additionally, a recent study conducted by Contently found that a whopping 54% of consumers don’t trust sponsored content and simply ignore it. This is why precisely why integrating non-advertorial content into your marketing campaign is absolutely critical.

The saying goes “Out with old, and in with the new”, but perhaps it is best to take advantage of tried and true traditional methods and combine then with cutting-edge strategies.

“Getting clients to understand that their content is everything is very important,” says Drew Di Genova, President & Founder of Ingenious Machines. ” Content marketing is not just a fad, its the new way of advertising. Quality content makes all the difference in the world, though it has been difficult for me to bring some clients away from traditional marketing. It would take ages to discuss why diversifying marketing techniques is important, but it’s good to see so many are taking content marketing so seriously.”

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