E-Cigarettes and Vaporizers Are the New Black — Or Any Color, for That Matter


ecigvapesThe reasons for using e-cigarettes these days is difficult to pin down; some people use the vaporizers to wean themselves off traditional cigarettes, while others see e-cigs as a health-conscious way to socialize with others.

Regardless of why people are using e-cigarettes and vaporizers, it’s clear that this is a growing industry in the U.S.

As Forbes reports, there has been a strong trend toward making e-cigarettes look less like traditional cigarettes, including “attempting to change the e-cigarette moniker to something more neutral such as vape pen or e-vape and changing the design of e-cigarettes to stop them resembling conventional cigarettes.”

But beyond just taking away the physical associations of traditional cigarettes, the industry is also trying to change e-cigs as a way of “beautifying” the e-cigarette, which Forbes defines as a trend “to move them away from resembling combustible cigarettes but also from looking like medical devices or accessories in a budget sci-fi movie.”

One excellent example of this trend doesn’t even pertain to the physical appearance of an e-cigarette. The flavored liquids of e-cigarettes are becoming more refined than ever before: 77.5% of manufacturers offer alcohol/cocktail-flavored liquids, and 79.9% offer dessert and candy flavored-liquids.

One company in particular is making an effort to create a distinct e-cig product, not just differing from traditional cigarettes, but also differing from other e-cigarette manufacturers.

Rex Vapor, a new company which is currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, is attempting to merge the worlds of e-cigarettes and 3-D printing.

According to 3DPrint.com, Rex Vapor currently has three different models of vaporizers (the Feng, the Quartz, and the Victoria). It takes the company about an hour to print out three or four individual vaporizers, but the company has yet to secure a manufacturing certification for the products.

Forbes reports that another benefit of glamorous vaporizers, such as the ones produced by Rex Vapor, is that the products are marketed specifically to high-end audiences and not teenagers — so regardless of whether e-cigs really are healthy, or whether they are more likely to encourage a nicotine addiction, companies like Rex Vapor are committed to cutting down teen smoking statistics.

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