Easy Air Conditioning Solutions for Anti-AC Homeowners


acAir conditioning: you either can’t live without it, or you absolutely can’t stand it. As air conditioning becomes a staple in most new homes and businesses, more people have begun protesting against the constant use of air conditioning. And for the rest of the American population, refusing to use an air conditioning unit just seems ludicrous. So what’s the deal? Why are so many people so vehemently against air conditioning?

Many Americans who are concerned with environmental issues note that the carbon emissions which accompany certain air conditioning units simply aren’t worth being a bit more comfortable. Many older residents in warm areas state that they never had air conditioning when they were younger, and they got along just fine without it. Still others argue that too many urban centers are over-air conditioned; check any fashion-savvy website with style tips for the summer, and you’ll find a collection of articles on how to dress comfortably for the heat and for a freezing office. For many office workers, summer days just mean bundling up with even more layers than usual. And still other anti-AC Americans note that the price of their energy bill when their air conditioning unit is running is simply too high to maintain.

But air conditioning isn’t necessarily a bad thing — and if you find yourself relying on arguments like “it’s too expensive,” or “I don’t like how the air feels,” there are many ways to cut back on costs without having to turn off your air conditioning unit entirely, and if the air feels stuffy when you turn on your AC, it may just need a good cleaning out.

“For the people that are environmentally conscious but still want to remain comfortable, todays Air Conditioning systems use environmentally friendly refrigerants accepted by EPA that help reduce our carbon foot print. Our new platinum line is designed specifically to use the least amount of electricity to reduce your carbon foot print and to keep the environment in mind” said Chris Long, Director of Sales and Marketing for All Seasons Comfort Control.

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